Coursera – Deep Learning

Online courses are very important tools for improving our Data Science skills. 2 years ago, I followed Machine Learning course of Andrew Ng and I learned a lot from Prof. Ng’s clear teaching style. Although there was a Neural networks chapter in that course, it was Octave programming language based. Now, I have started to follow Deep Learning course of Prof. Ng, which is shorter than the previous one. Actually, it takes only 4 weeks to complete the course. And one of its advantages is that it is Python based, which is the most popular Data Science programming language today. The instructors have prepared Jupyter notebooks that are running on the website of Coursera, which simplifies the programming part without requiring to install packages to the local computer, etc. Now, I completed Week 3, and I strongly to recommend anyone who is interested in Data Science to register for this valuable online course.


Privacy-first onsite Data Analysis for Facebook apps

I was thinking in this morning, especially after the last Cambridge Analytica scandal on Facebook, that there should be a new kind of privacy-first data analysis process in Facebook without sharing the data with external companies. In the current system, the flow is: the user accepts permission request of the application, and the app owner is collecting the data on its own platform and doing analysis on it, selling it to another firm, etc… Instead, the data analysis task should be executed on the control of Facebook. In the new system, when the app wants permission, the facebook will alert: this app wants to do an analysis of your data, we will never share the data with him, the analysis that the app will do will be executed on my platform, I reviewed and controlled their codes, (like the Apple Store code review process ), and we’ll share the result of the analysis with both you and the app owner ( such as you are supporting 80% conservative party), and the app owner will also tell you how and for what purpose it will use this result.