In the last 2 years, we were planning to live in a foreign country and we were trying to catch the best opportunity for both of me and my wife, and we had various alternatives including Toronto, Madrid, Berlin and Milan. Finally, we have decided to move in Italy since the life style of Italians seems very close to the Turkish people. Moreover, we speak French and it is a good opportunity to learn Italian quickly. I think there is no need to talk about how much delicious is Italian kitchen, with its pizzas, pastas and more…

As of 1st September, my wife Seda is going to begin to her PhD study in Bocconi University, in Milan. Since she also had a full scholarship, it will be beneficial to cover our living expenses. On the other hand, I should leave my current job at Vodafone and seek new opportunities in Milan. Currently, I applied to Politecnico Milano for the PhD degree in Computer Science and I will apply also to Milan Bicocca University. By the way, I started to learn Italian since I have a huge interest to Italian language. I already completed one course in Italian Culture Institute, and I am now in the second course. Maybe, my next blogpost could be in Italian, since in a very short time period of time, I got a great progress in Italian. And also I have started to listen Italian songs as well, and I become happy when I understand the meaning of the lyrics…

I will continously share my experiences from here..

A New Adventure, Milan – Italy

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