Emre Calisir received his B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering in 2011 from Galatasaray University. During his Bachelors study years, he worked in various companies, and had taken high responsibilities in non-profit organizations. He worked in 3 small software companies as software developer, then he joined to Accenture as Management Consulting Part-time Analyst and worked 2.5 years. In the voluntary organizations, he led to Computer Science Club for 2 years at Galatasaray University, worked as Microsoft Student Partner, founded Kadikoy branch of Junior Chamber International, the largest leadership organization for youngs. He did directorship for many projects, and finally he had the role VP of Business Relations.


In his final thesis of Bachelors, he presented the implementation of auction algorithms using C language, entitled as “Application of Auction algorithms for Telecommunication Networks”.


After getting his bachelors degree, he founded a mobile app development company, and delivered iOS applications. After handing over his company, he has worked at Vodafone Research and Development as Data Science Solutions Expert for 4.5 years. While working at Vodafone, he also obtained his M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering at Galatasaray University. His graduation thesis is entitled as “A Code Offloading Framework for Mobile Cloud Computing”. During his Vodafone and Master study period, he published 3 research papers, filed more than 20 patents with his colleagues. At the same time, he involved to entrepreneurial activities; he won the 2nd prize with Smart-plug project in Startup Live Istanbul. 


At Vodafone, he contributed to many Data Science projects including Viral Churn Prediction, Overlapping Community Detection, Household Detection, Fraud Simbox detection, Q&A Retrieval-based Chatbot implementation. In addition, he was responsible from Digital Marketing product development, including Data Management Platforms (DMP) and its integrations with paid-owned and social media channels. He had a strong experience in implementation and product delivery of Telecom applications and he gives now to Telecom companies with the help of his experience and knowledge.


As an international Ph.D. student and Research Fellow in Politecnico di Milano, he is working on “Big data analysis and machine learning techniques for computational social science”, under the supervision of Professor Marco Brambilla.

Calisir, is married for 4 years, speaks 3 foreign languages, including French, English and Italian. He loves dogs, and has a 8 years old Bernese mountain dog. He prefers following football news, and he is a fan of Besiktas. He thinks that life is an adventure, and he tries to create his own adventure.