I am PhD student in Computer Science and Engineering and Research Fellow at Politecnico di Milano. My research topic is Big Data Technologies in Human Computational Science.

As a child of an entrepreneurial family, I’ve worked since my childhood to learn how the business works. My father is an innovator in urban renewal sector, he always acts as key part in creation of real estate projects in Istanbul. I worked a lot with my father , and I learned a lot by taking responsibility in projects and in the management of teams. Then, I chose my own way and I followed my career in Computer Science.

I founded a technology company after graduation from Galatasaray University, and I also worked in various companies from SMEs such as Next Generation Solutions, Support Software to the biggest and international ones such as Accenture, Frito-Lay and Vodafone. I also had many voluntary works in studentship organizations such as Computer Science club of Galatasaray University; but also in more professional ones such as Microsoft Student Partners and Junior Chamber International .I participated in trainings in every field that attracted my interest. I’ve also selected as Magic Talent, which was a private institute targeting to create leaders.

I try to read as much as possible. I educated myself to read online books, and I mostly read personal development books. I believe this is a never ending process. I also help young university students who have great potential for the future but who also have some personal problems during their education.

I am married, and I have a 8 years old very sweet Bernese Mountain Dog. My wife is also stduying her PhD degree in Economics and Finance at Bocconi University.

I speak Turkish, French, English and Italian(still learning).