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I am Researcher Scientist in Data Science Research Group and Ph.D. candidate at Politecnico Milano. My research focus is on Machine Learning and Big Data, and I contribute to research projects such as determining the context-relevancy of Tweets using Machine Learning algorithms (Italy cultural institutions case), political opinion mining on Twitter (Brexit case), and more.

Data Science

Data Science has become an essential part of my life since 2014. To be honest,  I discovered the power and potential of Data Science when I started to work my new manager  Nuri Bukrek at Vodafone R&D. Thanks to his leadership, we built together many innovative solutions, from social network models to chatbot products. Also, I had the chance of being one of the earliest engineers who was extracting knowledge from customer data on a Big Data cluster. I participated in many training session from Cloudera and Teradata to improve my Data Scientist skills. Now, I am more focused on Deep Learning. I received a Deep Learning course in my Ph.D., also I am registered to online course of DeepLearning.AI given by Andrew NG on Coursera.

And more on Vodafone and Master of Science…

Working in a Research and Development department provides very good opportunities for the people who are enthusiastic to learn new things, not only practically but also theoretically. This research environment empowered me to get a Master of Science degree in Computer Science at Galatasaray University.

During Bachelors…

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering at Galatasaray University. At that time, I was impatient to improve my technical skills, so I received external courses such as C language course at CSD,  Microsoft .NET Software Engineering course at Bilge Adam, Microsoft Turkey Summer School. Also, I had certificates from Microsoft as MCP, MCTS Web Developer, MCTS Sharepoint Developer.

Also other Working Experiences…

As a professional background, I worked for 5 years at Vodafone R&D as Solution Expert, 2 years at Accenture as Management Consulting Part-time Analyst, 2 years as Independent mobile app&game developer, 1 year at Next Generation Solutions as Part-time Web Developer. Besides working in these companies, I contributed to our family-owned company as manager for several years, which is a real-estate development company working with the collaboration of well-known investors in Turkey.


During my undergrad years, I led to Computer Science club as President at Galatasaray University for 2 years. At the same time, I was working as Research Assistant in Database Systems course, and moreover, I had the responsibility of Microsoft Student Partner. I organized tens of student organizations, such as competitions, conferences, projects with the collaboration of sponsors. After handing over my responsibilities, I joined to Junior Chamber International, and I was the co-founder of a new branch (JCI Kadikoy), also I received many responsibilities (Director, VP Business Relations) there for 7 years. I have become a certified JCI trainer.


During Master of Science study and working experience at Vodafone R&D, I contributed to 3 research papers.

▪ E.Calisir, G.I.Alptekin, B.A.Ozgovde, “A Code Offloading Framework for Mobile Cloud Computing, 5th International Conference on Communications, Computation, Networks, and Technologies, Aug 2016, Rome, Italy

▪ G.K.Orman, E. Calisir, O. Karadeli, “Overlapping Communities via k-Connected Ego-Centered Groups”, IEEE/ACM 7th International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining, Aug 2015, Paris, France

▪ E.Calisir, G.I.Alptekin, B.A.Ozgovde, “Local and Fast Cloud Services: Cloudlets”, 16th Academic Computing Conference, 2014, Mersin, Turkey