Turkey Elections 2018

Turkey is a very special country, and now it is time to vote for the next President. In the last 16 years, the country has been managed by a single person, who is the leader of a specific community in Turkey, the people who are not educated, or who want to grow his business by being near that President. In every election, there have been many illegalities, but according to the announced results, despite all scandals, that President achieved to sustain his leadership. That single man did everything he wants in the country for the last 16 years. In result, all of the industries, manufacturers, agriculture, technology firms, startups, academicians, teachers, I mean all of the people who involve to the economy have failed their businesses. Today, the country is importing everything from other countries, from straw to potatoes, onions. When I talk with the Italian people here, they could not believe to what they hear, because they know Turkey with its unique beautiful habitat.

Today, it is the day of new elections and now there is a new candidate who gained the support and hopes of millions. He is a former Physics teacher, who is very determined to abolish the dictatorship of last 16 years. I am not the person who calls current president him as a dictator; there are 1.2 million entries only in Google when you write his name and the word “dictator” together (link Google search). We strongly believe to the former Physics teacher that he will save Turkey. In his latest rally in Istanbul, there were more than 6 millions participants. Today is a very big day for the prosperity of Turkey. We will see the results together, and we hope for a bright future for the next generations of Turkey.

And this is a summary of the current situation in Turkey.