Nowadays, chatbots -namely, conversational agents- have become so popular for companies; almost every company has an ongoing chatbot project! In general, the companies prefer getting a cloud based (SaaS) chatbot in order to quickly go live. However, when the conversation requires a domain specific knowledge, it becomes inefficient to use a generic chatbot. At this situation, a custom in-house solution seems a better option.

As an example, at Vodafone, the challenge was to give relevant information about Telecom specific services in Turkish language. Our in-house product is now capable of making a conversation in Vodafone terminology! Vodafone subscribers are able to get information about their tariff,  or take actions such as purchasing add-on, changing tariff, etc.

Now, I contribute to this product to make it smarter and self-learner and actually, it is a great experience for me!

Implementation of a Chatbot

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