Busuu– I never quit advancing my language skills in French, Italian and English. I experienced a lot other applications, such as Babbel, Duolingo, and I found Busuu as the best of them. It makes language learning funny and I am aware of what I really learn, including grammar and vocabulary. At the end of each chapter, it requests a writing or speaking activity, which is controlled by other Busuu members. It is also quite good functionality, because it provides learning from another people as well.

Pacer – I found this app very useful and it really motivates me to live healthier. Finally, I joined as Premium user to the Pacer community. The most prominent feature of this application was its personal coach. But after using the app for a while, I discovered that the coach always gives the same messages, almost nothing new! So, I don’t suggest you to have premium membership in this app.

Spotify– To listen unlimited music without any ads, like other 70 million people in the world. I am not very pleased by its personalized music suggestions. I think the Spotify engineers work most on the stability of music streaing, not the recommendation engine part.

Netflix- I think there is no need to explain what this app offers to people. It is quite good in movies/series streaming.


In which apps do I have premium membership?

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