Busuu– I keep advancing my language capabilities in French, Italian and English, in the same time. I chose this app after a long experience of other applications, such as Babbel, Duolingo. Based on my experience, Busuu is the best among all online language learning apps. For example, when I complete the requirement of writing new sentences based on what I learnt in that chapter, I post it to get its correction from the community. Instantly, I get a correction from someone else, who is an expert level user in that language. On the other hand, I can also make corrections of other Busuu users. I think they succeeded very well to create a social network composed of lifetime language learners.

Spotify– To listen unlimited music without any ads

Pacer – I found this app very useful and it really motivates me to live healthier. Finally, I joined as Premium user to the Pacer community.

In which apps do I have premium membership?

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