Data Science Lab (Politecnico di Milano) – 2017 December – …

  • Making researches in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.

Smart Data Solutions (Vodafone) – 2017 June – 2017 November

  • Making researches and implementations to provide learning capability for in-house developed chatbot product. My major interest area is Python, NLP and Word2Vectors.

Digital Marketing Solutions (Vodafone) – 2016 Sept – 2017 May

  • Designed, implemented and owned the AdGate, CVM Analytics products which is the core component of Vodafone Digital Marketing campaigns, wh,ch empowers digital media channels of Vodafone.
  • Involved in the implementation of a Complex Event Processor to collect data continously from mobile devices and push personalized offers in the right time to the right person for upsell and add-ons.

Data Science Solutions (Vodafone) – 2014 – 2016

  • Viral Churn Prediction
  • Overlapping Community Detection
  • Household Detection
  • Geçen Senem (My Yearly Call Detail Record statistics)

Enterprise Solutions (Vodafone) – 2013-2014

  • Development of M2M Connectivity web portal
  • Implementation of API Exposure project

Startup – TOR Mobile Apps & Games -2011-2013

  • Implementation of iOS applications (iPhone and iPad) of a popular TV series website (Objective-C)
  • An implementation of a mobile game (Unity 3D, Javascript)

Products Team – Management Consulting (Accenture) -2008-2011

  • Migros – Supply Chain Project (Process Reengineering, Data Analytics)
  • KordSA – HR Transformation Project (Process Reengineering)
  • KordSA – Global Account Management Project (Process Reengineering)
  • Vodafone – IT Transformation Project (Ceylan) (Project Management Office)
  • Bravoo – After Sales Processes Project(Process Reengineering)
  • Samsung – Sales Management Project(Process Reengineering)